Have a look at the experience of one of our satisfied candidates working in the Netherlands!

Hi everyone,

My name is Ivana, and I am hereby writing the experience of hiring through the agency Option A. I was looking for a seasonal job and I found an ad of a waitress in a restaurant. I saw the propositions of the application and sent a resume in English.

The agent who contacted me by e-mail and phone was very kind and sent me further details of the application. Through it, I was redirected to another agency in the Netherlands that interviewed me and sent me an offer from their client. A Dutch agent guided me and assisted me in all the steps of applying for documents and temporary stay.

The job of a waiter at the resort is excellent. Work up to 8 to 9 hours a day with a half-hour break. When you come to work, every minute at work counts and pays you. If by chance it takes 15 minutes longer to work and you get paid for it. Accommodation and insurance are deducted from your salary, and you do not have to pay anything extra. The accommodation is in the resort complex, and you share with other workers, but you have your own room. The only negative thing is that the door to the room does not have a key, but you go to work there anyway, so you have nothing to wear expensive. Lock your things in a suitcase and pack it up. You get a pool card so you can swim for free and get discounts for all sorts of attractions in the place.

The salary is € 12.8 per hour. You have a meal to choose from the restaurant menu and all meals are 3.5€ for employees. That’s nothing, considering that tips are still coming into it that are distributed fairly. Whoever worked in a shift that day gets a tip in a metal cash register with compartments for everyone, and the cash register opens at the end of the month. The salary is paid weekly.

The employer gives a work shirt and an apron for work. Only black pants and sneakers were to be brought.

The guests are good, mostly families with children.

All in all, a very interesting place to work on the season. I’ve been working here for almost two weeks and there really aren’t any problems.

I speak in German and English because Dutch guests are coming.

It is very important that you are open to learning and cheerful, they will appreciate it. The job is not difficult and there are from 5 to 7 waiters in a shift, so everyone has their own part of the task. They are very well organized and if you stick to the schedule everyone will appreciate it.

As a seasonal job is great, but also for longer runs because you work for five days and two rest.

It is important to them that you are satisfied as a worker and that you really want to work and that you do not stall colleagues if you need to do something.