Option A is an employment agency in the European Union and the United Kingdom.

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Who are we?

Option A d.o.o. is an employment agency and a sister company of the parent agency Option A Ltd, based in the UK.

After Brexit, we are mainly oriented towards the EU market, although we still ad hoc find candidates for scarce occupations in the UK, which are mostly sponsored by our clients.

So far, in addition to the UK, we have employed in Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, and we have clients in Switzerland.

From our office in Osijek, Croatia, we cover the entire European market, and we employ candidates from the entire region.

We are always looking for people from all walks of life, with any mix of skills to fill a variety of roles. If you are looking for work, contact us. We find most people jobs within 5 days.

Are you looking for workers for your job? We can help you learn more about our services and read testimonials on our page “Do you need workers?”. To our clients we find workers inin the short term!

Our services

For businesses and people seeking the use of workers here is a selection of positions that we have filled in the last 18 months:

Factory Worker, Factory Supervisor, Machine Operator, Forklift Driver, Field Worker, Tractor Driver, Construction Worker, QA Assistant, Office Assistant, Receptionist, Chef…

With our network of UK and European offices and contacts we skill match roles to provide good worker that will operate efficiently for your business.

If you are looking to discuss a position further please call or e-mail your local office.